Research Travel 2018—Now calling at Oxford Station

I jumped off the train at Oxford and ran for the bus, stashed my luggage at my AirBnB before meeting Dr. John Goldingay at the Queen’s Lane bus stop. We went on to the Bodleian Library where I applied for admission and received my access card. I got a quick tour of the old round building through the underground tunnels, filled with stack of books, and into the “new library” which is in a very, very old building.

Research Seminar

I arrived for the very last paper given at the OT seminar. I met three scholars whose work I cite in my research. Surreal to put actual personal faces to academic research.

Dinner with the Inklings

“Eagle & Child” pub in Oxford was affectionately referred to as “Bird and Baby” by the famous group of early twentieth century writers who called themselves “the Inklings”. I am having my first fish n chips of the trip, a classic British dish served with peas.

It is also my first meal since breakfast, so, cheers! … and apparently Narnia lies just through the side door …

But here is the room where CS Lewis pitched his book: