Research Travel 2018—Another Cloudy Day in UK

After a very restless night mixed with deep sleep and wide awakeness (thank you, jet lag!), I am up and having a lovely little spot of tea at breakfast in the Alhambra Hotel.

It is a bit cloudy this morning, but it may get burn off into a nice sunny afternoon like yesterday. Although I will be off to Oxford by train in the 11 o clock hour.

Railway Stations

England has a long and lasting tradition of travel by rail. It is convenient to train nearly anywhere in the UK.

St. Pancras International Railway Station

The St. Pancras International Railway Station is huge and filled with shapes and restaurants. Every year I come at least once for espresso and some repass to Le Pain Quotidein, Which is a France based chain with a location in Pasadena. I have to say that as much as I enjoyed this café in Pasadena, it is somewhat better here. Perhaps that is because my servers are usually French. Somehow this enhances the experience.

The Station mall is large and lit by sunlight shining through a glass ceiling.

Paddington Railway Station

I am traveling out of Paddington Station today for my journey to Oxford.