These classes are five-lesson modules with a reading guide. Lessons may be completed in days or weeks, whichever best suits your schedule. Live classes and Live Q&A wrap-up sessions are offered quarterly.

Each class covers an individual topic and includes a slide deck presented in the video and recommended reading. You may also download suggested accompanying assignments for personal reflection and growth. Information will be updated as classes become available. Visit the course page to subscribe for more information.

Current Class Offerings

Matriarchs of Genesis

Come and explore the stories of the Wives, Concubines, Servants, Sisters, Mothers, and Daughters of the familiar Israelite Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We will read from Genesis, looking at social, political, and cultural dynamics in these multigenerational narratives that define Israel’s ancestral history. Optional Reading and Reflection assignments will be provided. A working bibliography will also be available for continued self-study.

Previously Offered Classes

Cosmos & Creation

This class is a study reflecting on the importance of creation language and imagery in the Bible. The first eleven chapters of Genesis give accounts of the creation of earth, animals, and humans. We read about the apocalyptic destruction of the planet and the rebuilding of culture, society, and even cities. This class will read through creation accounts in Genesis and look at other creation imagery in the Psalms and Isaiah. Some of the themes will include cosmology in the Bible and ancient Near East, apocalypse, ecology, earth & creature care, and gender in creation. Bible texts include Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, and John.

Lenten Book Club: Three Faces of Jesus

Join Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer weekly via zoom to discuss the scholarly book Three Faces of Jesus: How Jews, Christians and Muslims See Him by Joseph Imbach.

Ancient Context of the Bible | Language

This bible study course explores the ancient context of the narratives and historiography presented in the biblical text, focusing on languages, how they shape culture, and how translations are shaped by our understanding of ancient languages.

Reading Psalms Ethically

This bible study course explores how reading Psalms on our own and in the liturgy shapes us ethically.