About Scholarly Wanderlust

Welcome to Scholarly Wanderlust, where we are "Navigating the Intersections of Faith, Knowledge, and Reason."

My journey through the world of academia and faith culminated in a Ph.D. in Divinity, awarded in the unprecedented year of 2020. My specialization lies in the nuanced study of Biblical Ethics, the evocative verses of Ancient Psalms, and the linguistic depths of Ancient Near Eastern Languages.

In this space, I chronicle the books that shape my thoughts—spanning the broad spectrum from profound academic works to the escapism offered by fiction. It is a place where the vibrancy of academic conference sessions comes alive, articulated through reflective commentary that touches upon the myriad facets of my research field.

Scholarly Wanderlust is an open invitation to all—academics, students, and lifelong learners—who find joy in the rigorous pursuit of knowledge, who seek to harmonize their faith with their worldly and intellectual endeavors, and who are intrigued by the contextual richness of the Bible and other sacred texts.

Here, you will find writings that resonate with those who are drawn to the scholarly quest, who appreciate the challenge of fitting their spiritual beliefs within the framework of their academic and personal interests, and who delight in exploring diverse interpretations that span time and culture.

I encourage you to explore the various TOPICS that spark your curiosity and enrich your understanding. For those who enjoy aural learning, my Podcast offers another dimension to engage with these intriguing subjects.

Join me in this voyage of discovery, where ancient wisdom meets modern inquiry and where each post is a stepping stone on the path to greater knowledge and deeper faith.

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"I realize I don’t know very much. None of us knows very much. But we can all learn more. Then we can teach one another. We can stop denying reality or hoping it will go away by magic." ~ Octavia Butler