Erica Mongé-GreerI completed my Ph.D. in Divinity during the pandemic year of 2020. My specialization is in Biblical Ethics, Ancient Psalms, and Ancient Near Eastern Languages. This blog is where I write about books I am reading, both academic and fiction, academic conference sessions, and commentary on matters related to my field of research. All are invited, but my work particularly resonates with people who enjoy and engage in academia, have a history of trying to fit their faith with their life interests, and people who like to explore contextual interpretations of the Bible and other religious texts. Read more about these subjects and more by checking out TOPICS. In addition, you might want to check out my Podcast.

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"I realize I don’t know very much. None of us knows very much. But we can all learn more. Then we can teach one another. We can stop denying reality or hoping it will go away by magic." ~ Octavia Butler