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Spring Forward and Get On With It

Twice per year, we have a recycled complaint and discussion in our home: why we have to change the clocks back and forward, followed by all the reasons it’s a bad idea. Then, a few days pass, and everyone is on to the next thing. For me, that’s ramping up blog topics and reviewing unfinished blog posts. Springtime starts a season of writing. Abstracts are due for conference proposals, I have a paper to finish so it’s ready to present at the summer conference, and since all the winter festivities have gone into hibernation, I finally have some time to queue up writing goals for the year.

This month, my book on the topic of my dissertation was published by Pickwick Publications. Divine Council, Ethics, and Resistance in Psalm 82 is available for order. I expect to post a few blogs to explain some of the features discussed in my book. These can be found by searching Psalm 82.

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    One of the first things I learned in Seminary was that the gap between biblical and theological studies grew wider as scholars specialized. Even the vocabulary and basic assumptions about belief, faith, and the nature of God differed between the two camps. I was raised in a Christian tradition considered “full Gospel, ” meaning any belief should have its basis in the Bible. As a child, I memorized scripture and learned how to find passages in the Bible to support foundational beliefs. However, the answers in specific biblical passages became less clear and straightforward as I read and studied the…