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Conference Time

I am traveling to Denver, CO, this week for the annual SBLAAR meeting. I will be presenting at two sessions on Saturday. If you are at the conference, reach out to meet up. My newly published book will be at the Wipf & Stock book display. Read more about So Say We All: Religion, Spirituality, and the Divine in Battlestar Galactica on my website. I have just submitted the full manuscript of my dissertation on Psalm 82 to the publisher, and it should be available for order next year.

My first presentation will be Saturday morning in the Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies section, entitled, Cinematic Religion: Evaluating Cinematic Portrayals of the Divine with University Students in an A-religious Setting. You can find resources and handouts related to this presentation on this website at Religion and Pop Culture Resources. I will also be presenting at the section Biblical Ethics as a member of the panel reviewing John Goldingay’s new book, Old Testament Ethics: A Guided Tour.

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    This blog post is condensed and reworked from a presentation I made at Society for Biblical Literature, 2022, in Denver, CO (#SBLAAR22) for the Biblical Ethics Section: Panel Review of John Goldingay’s “Old Testament Ethics: A Guided Tour.” John Goldingay is one of the most prolific and influential Old Testament scholars. He has written an accessible commentary series on the Old Testament and the many academic commentaries he has published. In addition, he has published a translation of the entire Old Testament. His new book, Old Testament Ethics: A Guided Tour, walks readers through thematic interpretations of scripture that apply…