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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

I finished my PhD in 2020 and graduated into the abyss of the Great Nothingness. With the global pandemic still raising the mortality rate and academia trying to decide whether to evolve or come to a full stop, I turned my attention to research and writing.

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  • Lag Ba’Omer—Counting the Omer
    33 days after the Passover, the Jewish holiday Lag Ba’Omer marks halfway to Shavuot. This Jewish holiday takes the form of a celebration by bonfire, featuring s’mores, outdoor games, and campfire songs (about fire). Admittedly, this Jewish holiday was not on my radar at all when I subscribed to this year of Jewish holidays in a box at Days United. As a Hebrew Bible scholar, I am fairly well acquainted with Jewish traditions that formed from biblical mandates. I knew, of course, about Passover, which is where my Jewish holiday journey began this year, but I had not thought previously…