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Autumn Leaves & All That

School is in session, and summer evenings are cooling to manageable temperatures. I am preparing to teach an in-person five-week class on reading psalms ethically that will be converted to a downloadable online course later this fall. So Say We All: Religion, Spirituality, and the Divine in Battlestar Galactica will be published soon, and I am planning to venture out to Comic and Sci-Fi Conventions to promote my book. I am also ready-ing my dissertation to be published. The contract is signed, and the author’s guidelines are nearly complete. Meanwhile, I am converting writing course lectures to blog format as a resource for my Writing Coach clients. I will be traveling to San Diego in October and presenting on Film and the Bible in Denver in November. It’s a busy season, but I make it through by enjoying a comforting cup of coffee every morning with my partner and best friend.

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Feel free to browse my blogs on various topics and weigh in on the discussion whenever you are inspired. Please consider submitting your email address to receive occasional updates. Meanwhile, I wish you the best on your journey. Find a place of peace in this world.

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  • Podcast: A Behavioral Ecomonomic Reading of Ruth
    Jump directly to A Behavioral Economic Reading of Ruth Ruth is a Hebrew Bible book that is easy to read in one setting. With only four short chapters, the narrative details cultural and social practices in ancient Israelite society, including social welfare, harvest production, treatment of immigrants, property rights, legal procedures, and more. Ruth is a character in the narrative remembered by Jewish tradition for her faithfulness and devotion to the one(s) she loves. However, you may not realize that Ruth was not an Israelite herself, even though she became the grandmother of Israel’s King David (Ruth 4.22). Additionally, Ruth…