With a PhD in Divinity, my research touches on a lot of different aspects of humanities. The subject of "god" or "religion" is not limited to particular belief systems. How we identify with each other, how we relate to the world around us, and even how we describe the way things work often intersects with my research. below is a list of some broad categories that I have something to say about.

~ Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer, PhD

Academic Conferences

Academic Conferences

I attend a lot of academic conferences throughout the year. These posts summarize presentations and reflect on areas that intersect with my research. Read more about Academic Conferences.

Critical Reflection

Critical Reflection on Presentations

I have gathered some of my thoughts, responses, and reflections on various lectures and talks on a variety of subjects. Feel free to browse these posts to read more of my Reflections on Presentations.



Reading literature is an important part of my life. In order to critically process technical, academic, and scientific information in a way that speaks to humanity, I need to have some understanding of humanity. Reading literature is one of the best ways I know to remain engaged with important subjects in a fun and relaxing way. Read more about my reflections on Literature.

nonfiction books reviewed

Nonfiction Books

Critical reflections on nonfiction books about topics that interest me. Read my posts about Nonfiction Books.

readings and interpretations

Readings & Interpretation

I spend a significant part of my life in academic reflections on biblical texts. This section is dedicated to reflections and observations about biblical passages, the application of scripture, and religious intersections. Read more about the Bible and its application in Readings & Interpretations.


Research Travel

As much as I love to read, write, and teach, I also love to travel. Fortunately, my research comes with opportunities to use my passport. Read more about how, when, and where my research and networking opportunities take me for Research Travel.

sci fi robot


There is a special place in my heart, and also in my academic research, for science fiction literature. Read commentaries, critical reflection, and interpretation of Sci-Fi genre books, tv series, and films.