Research Travel 2018—A Trip Across the Pond

Sunday crept up on me as I crossed the Atlantic Ocean. I believe I managed about five hours of sleep on my nine-hour flight. When I arrived in London, there was a massive line for border control. However, I made it through, and then another hour train ride to Kings Cross / St. Pancras station, where my hotel is nearby. After a few years of research travel, I have settled into some patterns that help me feel at home in my transition.

A short walk took me to check into my hotel. To my delight, my room was available early. A shower after a full day of travel was in high demand. Now I’m ready to go out!

Traveling overseas for research can be exhausting. I have learned that I am much more successful when I take a day or two to allow my body and mind to adjust to the new timezone and environment.

Sunday Brunch

Arriving on a Sunday morning is the perfect time to enjoy great food and bustling city scenery.

A restaurant near the train station served me up delicious poached eggs on avo toast.

Out on Camden Town

No horses to be seen in the “Horse Tunnel Market”. Only goods for sale.

Hundreds of food options here–one of everything, please. I settled on vegan Middle Eastern influenced wraps. Maybe if I walk a little more I can fit another meal! I only have room for afternoon tea. I go for Vegan Chai, a blended spiced tea with oat milk.

My biggest challenge is staying awake. I have about four more hours to go until I turn in for bed at 8 p.m. local time (if I make it!).

Here are some more pics from Camden Market, including a History of the Stables poster and a pair of Doc Martens signed by the musical sensation No Doubt!

Strolling round Camden Market provided just enough stimulation to help me stay awake after an extra long day of traveling across eight timezones. I almost made it to 8!

Good Night