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Final day of SBLAAR20

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Zoom, Zoom, Zoom—Tenth Day of a 10-day online academic conference Two years ago, at SBLAAR18 in Denver, CO, I gave a presentation on the final morning of the conference. It

Sitting in on a Symposium at “Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence”

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One of the delightful consequences of CVOID-19 lockdowns is the pressure for academic gatherings to extend invitations for online attendance. This week, I signed on at midday local time to
Codex Sinaiticus, a 4th-century manuscript of the Septuagint, written between 330 and 350.

Culture and Context of Jewish Greek Writings in the Second Temple Period

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Dr. Marieke Dhont presented the ANELC eLecture this week, demonstrating linguistic connections between Greek and Jewish culture. Her study provides evidence for a bilingual community of Jews in the Second

Egyptian Language in the Hebrew Bible

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Professor Gary A. Rendsburg gave this week’s ANELC eLecture on ancient Near Eastern linguistic connections between Egyptian and ancient Hebrew. The lecture flowed naturally from last week’s, given on linguistic

Egyptian Influences in Semitic Languages

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This past Wednesday, the ANELC eLecture was presented by Dr. Aaron Rubin, a Semiticist at Penn State University. Dr. Rubin walked us through linguistic exchanges that suggest kinship between Egyptian