Bible Reading Guides

Sometimes reading the Bible can be challenging to keep up. A schedule can help keep you on track and provide a sense of accomplishment. Below are some plans to read at different paces. This list will evolve. Check back for more schedules.

Are you looking for a guide to reading the Bible more meaningfully? Take a look at this Reading Guide based on the Lectio Divina.

There are many different ways to divide chapters and books for reading plans. Here is software that lets you customize a reading plan by selecting which books and the number of days. This results in a printable calendar for you to track your reading. Bible Reading Plan Generator

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Reading Through the Psalter

This is a Psalm-A-Day Reading plan. Just as it sounds, read one psalm per day and check the box. It will take approximately 5 months to read all 150 psalms. This is a great way to read through the Palms twice per year.

This twelve-week reading plan moves at a steady pace. Following this plan, you can read through the entire Psalter during each of the four seasons throughout the year.

The most aggressive reading plan moves through the 150-chapter Psalter in 30 days. In one month, you can boast about reading all psalms.

The Psalter includes five books, or sections, where the psalms naturally divide. This reading plan takes on one book per week to completely read all the psalms in five weeks.

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