Audio Bible Recommendations

Ancient biblical texts were written down for the express purpose of being read aloud and heard. As a result, the narratives and poetry in the Bible have an aural texture. If you are looking for a new way to connect with the Bible, try reading aloud or listening to the Bible. If you are looking for Bible software that offers more for personal reading and study, check out my Bible App and Software Recommendations.

Many apps and sites offer audio Bible files. I've listed some below with a brief description to guide your search. is one of my favorite apps for audio Bible. The app features dramatic reading with music in the background. In addition to having several English translations, you can listen in almost any language. This is especially useful if you study the Bible in its original Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic languages.

The app is free to download, or you can listen online. It is free to use, but donations are accepted on the website.

Daily Audio Bible is an online audio Bible app that offers daily readings following a liturgical schedule. You can also select other reading plans. For example, listen to a Psalm daily or read the Bible chronologically. Also available in Spanish, French, and a few other languages. The app also features an online community of listeners that engage through social media.

It may sound a little nutty, but the Drunk Bible Study Podcast features three young adults whose mission is to read every word of the Bible. Each podcast features a few reading chapters interspersed with genuine, curious questions about the text and its meaning. The trio also does some deep diving on the web to answer questions and explores various translations as needed. The Drunk Bible Study approach is not very traditional, but if you are looking for something fresh and even a little bit entertaining, I highly recommend this audio Bible format.

Find more Bible Resources here, including websites for reading and studying the Bible, commentaries, and language study.