Bible App and Software Recommendations

The growing trend of using electronic tablets and phones to access information means Bibles are going online in many different formats. If you are looking specifically for audio, visit this list of Audio Bible Recommendations. In the list below, I include some recommendations and descriptions of Bible apps and online Bible resources for reading and studying the Bible.

Accordance Bible software is a very powerful, module-based bible study tool set. It is native to Apple computers and iOS but can also run on PCs. I have used Accordance throughout Seminary and in all my current research. You can download the app for free access to some English translations of the Bible, and you can purchase dictionaries, encyclopedias, devotionals, study guides, and more to supplement your reading.

For a more in-depth online Bible reading experience, Olive Tree offers various modules and packages that add searchable resources to your Bible Reading options.

Sefaria is an online resource with access to the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament in Hebrew and English. The Egnlish translation is Jewish Publication Society (JPS). Sefaria is a tremendous resource that includes rabbinical commentary and Jewish liturgy resources.

Tehillim is a Bible resource to read through the Psalms. The downloadable app can read Psalms in Hebrew or English. You can listen to Hebrew chanting or singing of the Psalms. There is also a menu for searching Psalms by theme.

Bible Gateway is a free bible reading software accessible online. You can access several versions of the Bible, listen or read, and even sign up for reminders to read daily or on another consistent schedule. Advertisements sponsor the site so it can seem cluttered at times; nonetheless, it is informative and helpful.

Find more Bible Resources here, including websites for reading and studying the Bible, commentaries, and language study.