Research Travel 2018—Goodbye, Oxford

My final Oxford adventure was to visit a coffee roaster a few blocks south of my AirBnB in East Oxford. It was called “The Missing Bean” and delivered a fine cup of coffee. I enjoyed it quite well.

My walk back to pick up my luggage was sidetracked by an incredible old cemetery where the vegetation had sprouted uncontrollably wild around and over all he graves. Apparently, the foundation stone of the church here was laid in 1875. In the mid twentieth century, there was a plan to bring the area to life by planting all sorts of variety of plants and wildlife that would encourage birds, squirrels, roads, dragonflies, and other such pleasant critters.

It was really serene and amazing to see so many people carefully remembered. There was so much love deposited there, even though the only visitors left are the chirping birds.