Podcast: A Prayer for America the Beautiful

I was a little surprised when Sunday’s hymn was a well-known patriotic song, America the Beautiful. Singing the hymn in a religious setting had me thinking about the spiritual themes. So, I threw out a nonchalant post on social media to ask if singing this song in a church made it more of a prayer or a prophecy. Then, my friend Dr. Michael Wingert (Agora University) and I decided to discuss the topic. So, join us for this podcast discussion, where we cover various aspects regarding patriotism and Christianity. We also approach Western and Eastern Christian variance with as much sensitivity as possible.

Some of the questions that are raised in this podcast include, when is it appropriate to sing patriotic songs? Is there a cross-cultural value for patriotism in religious settings? Should Christian churches involve themselves in patriotic allegiances? Is America the Beautiful a patriotic song or a hymn (or both)? This topic has implications for people who are religious as well as everyone else. It is a small part of a much larger conversation about the virtue of the separation of church and state. You are invited to leave questions and comments below and join our discussion.

America the Beautiful Interview
Dr. Michael Wingert and Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer recording this podcast interview via Zoom.

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