SBLAAR20: Day Five

Rest & Recoop—fifth day of a 10 day Academic Conference in 2020

There are a few publisher sessions advertised on the conference app, but after dedicating most of this week to a virtual conference, I will take a break to help my family reorder the house, dress our Christmas tree, and mostly, to sleep in and do nothing at all in the morning.

I manage to log on for one Langham Publisher presentation on the book the Kingdom of God in Africa: A History of African Christianity. I am impressed with publishing efforts to bring scholars from majority world views into mainstream recognition. These efforts contribute to essential diversity of engagement in the field of religious studies.

One of these efforts is the Dictionary of African Christian Biography, a project conceived in 1995 with a vision “to collect, preserve, and make freely accessible biographical accounts and church histories – from oral and written sources – integral to a scholarly understanding of African Christianity.” The project has expanded to include open-access journal articles and educational resources. It is time for all of us to learn about the people in our shared world!

The virtual conference model required a shorter daily schedule and a longer overall conference. Rather than a 5-day conference that ran from early morning into the night, SBLAAR became a 10-day conference that ran through midday. This was necessary to accommodate multiple time zones. It also provided for much-needed breaks. Zoom fatigue is real!

About this event

Society of Biblical Literature/American Academy of Religion (SBLAAR) is an Annual Academic Conference that extends Nationally, Internationally, and Regionally. This is the first year it is running online as a virtual conference. Usually, it is held in a large metropolitan city in the United States. Read about #SBLAAR presentations. Also, read about other academic conferences.

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