Behind on Blogs (a preview)

This week I am traveling through Texas. On Wednesday, I flew into Austin and visited with family a couple days. Then, on Friday, I arrived in San Antonio for an annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) and the Institute of Biblical Research (IBR). This conference is a great time to connect with other biblical scholars who share my passion for research and study of scripture. And, even though the pandemic has made it difficult for everyone to come together in one place this year, many publishers and editors are present. Many scholars are presenting live and in-person, and the restaurants are filled with scholars and friends reconnecting.

Meanwhile, my blogs are backloading. However, I wanted to note here some blogs in the works, so check back in soon if you are interested!

Messiah & Messianism

Following a discussion of the Oxford Interfaith Forum which focused on portrayals and perceptions of the messiah in Jewish and Christian traditions, I will be posting about interfaith views of the Messiah in scripture and in commentary tradition.

In this blog, I also plan to discuss some major features of a book I am currently reading entitled “The Many Faces of Jesus,” which is a concise and helpful analysis of how three Abrahamic faith traditions view Jesus through scripture and tradition.

A Rabbinical Approach to Psalm 139

This blog will summarize and respond to a discussion presented in Oxford Interfaith Forum’s November Psalms Reading Group. Psalm 139 is famous for its claims about God’s magnificent presence and knowledge

A summary of scholarship from sessions I attend at AARSBL

I have taken notes on a number of papers presented at SBL and will post them as summary of some of the recent scholarship emerging from the field of biblical studies. Many of these papers will go on to become published as journal articles or books!

Some Conclusions about Divine Council

One of the areas I researched extensively for my PhD dissertation is the significance of Divine Council in the Bible. I am often asked to explain this concept and describe how it appears in scripture.

Various more …

I am thinking about a lot of different topics right now. Since I just finished writing a full manuscript for my book on Religion in Battlestar Galactica, I will soon be publishing a short run of blogs on the BSG sci-fi series. I am also teaching a course on portrayals of God and Divine figures in film and tv serials. Expect to read some comments and responses to films that portray God and how popular culture interacts with religion. Finally, I am preparing some biblical research for an upcoming conference and will be sharing some of my research on Hebrew Bible interpretation.

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