Measured Diversity as a Goal

While working on an essay about diversity, equity, and inclusion, I stumbled across this Ted Talk presentation by Janet Stovall, Sr. Director of Social Impact at UPS Foundation, is an advocate for inclusion in corporations, and an activist against racism.

When she was at college, Stovall’s “Project 87” urged her North Carolina University to actively progress diversity in their University by setting obtainable and measurable goals. In addition, she posed a genuine consequence of questioning the college’s commitment to diversity.

In her 2018 Ted Talk, she proposed the same strategy be applied to an economic sector where all people already engage—businesses. The workforce in the United States alone accounts for about 150 million people, “people of all races, united in the spirit of wanting a paycheck and having to show up to get it.” Because of this, corporations could lead the way in building a more inclusive America by leading the way in advocating for diversity.

Stovall’s plan includes looking at customer and employee demographics, and promoting an employee make up that reflects the customer demographic. This is only a starting point toward inclusion, but it is important to begin with diverse input.

While Stovall advocates diversity in corporations in order to promote a wider, and quicker implementation of inclusion, her strategy is solid and should be considered in smaller structures as well, like Universities and churches.

Watch Janet Stovall’s 10 minute Ted Talk Presentation and start the conversation!

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