Podcast: Anxiety about Reproduction in the Bible and Science Fiction

Why is there so much anxiety about reproduction in sci-fi? This question has been posited in several recent discussions. And now that I have asked the question, I keep seeing examples of this concept of concern over the human ability to have children by natural means. This can be seen in sci-fi books, short stories, tv series, and films.

This podcast presents research I completed for a conference presentation that looks at Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818), Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica (2004), and Genesis 1-3 as texts promoting human reproduction as not only a divine calling but a divine blessing. My conclusions raise a question about how we should respond when procreation is not possible. Is the absence of God’s blessing equal to a curse? No! Anyway, there is no biblical evidence for this conclusion.

This is only the beginning of a larger conversation about biblical ethics and reproduction in the modern world. Some related topics are reproductive rights in law and religion, Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), adoption, and child-centered family units. After looking at thematic similarities in the literature, I briefly explain modern religious ideas about reproductive rights. My aim is not to answer these questions completely but to raise discussion across theology, biblical ethics, and STEM disciplines.

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