Podcast: A Psalter for the Poor in Psalm 82

My Ph.D. dissertation was completed in the infamous year of the COVID-19 virus that was 2020. As the world emerges from hibernation, I am also finding opportunities to discuss my research in broader contexts. Therefore, I have recorded this podcast, which summarizes my research on the nature of poverty in the Hebrew Bible Psalter.

This research focuses on linguistic cognates for “poor” in Psalms and reveals ethical implications of justice or salvation for the poor. The research behind this presentation was edited into two chapters of my dissertation, which has been submitted to the library at University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.)

I have enjoyed working in the area of Psalms and biblical ethics for the past several years. Psalm 82 is a fascinating psalm, and I will have more to say as I rework my dissertation for publication later this year.

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