CSBV 2021 Spring Conference: Emerging Scholars Student Research Prize

Revd delivered the fifth session keynote address. Dr. Helen Paynter, Director: Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence. Her paper entitled, “I Believe in the Afterlife (of the word),” offered a reminder about the need for humility when working academically to translate and interpret passages of scripture. She appeals to emerging scholars, but her message is apropos to all academics. She encourages us to remember that even in academic contexts, a secondary audience may not understand all the nuances of scholarship. Paynter provides a relevant reminder of the consequences of academic discussions in Christian settings.

This conference presented three papers by emerging scholars, students in biblical studies and religion, who have spent time thinking about violent themes in the Bible. This session is meant to deliver a research award to one of these papers. Student scholars gave three papers in a survey of an impressively wide variety of biblical texts. First, Francis Mathew, MA student, South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, Bangalore, presented “The Avenger and the Perpetrator: A Study of Mimetic Doubles in Biblical Rape Narratives (Gen. 34; Judg. 19; 2 Sam. 13).” Second, Hannah Capey, a doctoral candidate at, University of Southampton, presented on “Black Comedy in the Hebrew Bible? A Reading of the Book of Esther.” Finally, Charlotte Trombin, doctoral candidate, University of Exeter, closed the session with her paper entitled, “Then the earth reeled and rocked; the foundations of the heavens trembled and quaked because he was angry: Misogyny, the Bible and Environmental Violence.”

With careful presentation and admiration of all presented papers, the research prize was awarded to Charlotte Trombin. Congratulations!

About this event

The Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence (CSBV) is based in Bristol, UK. This is the second year of online conferences. Read about #CSBV presentations. Also, read about other academic conferences.

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