Religion & Pop Culture Resources

This resource page encourages conversation and interaction with topics related to popular culture and religion or theology. People generally acknowledge that religion influences a lot of spaces in our lives, but once you start looking for religion, you will find it pretty much everywhere. A quick image search on your favorite television show will generate memes that engage religious or spiritual imagery. Some of my favorites include WWJD memes with heroes or villains from tv shows and last supper reproductions, reimagined with modern characters or cartoons from popular media.

Films with Religious Themes

Look at this curated list of films and series organized by topic. I created this list for a course called Cinematic Religion. It is a working list of films, movies, tv-series that portray religious figures or divine figures in popular culture or mainstream venues. I am always looking to expand this list, so please send me recommendations if you have them.

Music with Religious Themes

I developed a Spotify playlist to share with my classes and invite discussion about religious influences through popular music. Read more, and download the playlist.

Cinematic Religion Presentation Handouts & Resources

Featuring links and information to accompany my SBLAAR22 presentation on teaching cinematic religion.