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Autumn leaves turn fiery orange and gold, preparing to fall to the earth a feed the winter soil, which rests and awaits springtime. I am teaching a group of Honors College students in a University course on Cinematic Religion. I profoundly enjoy exploring portrayals of God, Gods, Spiritual Beings, and Religious Advocates in Film. I have just completed a full draft of my upcoming book So Say We All: A Religious Commentary on Battlestar Galactica. I am looking forward to my next project writing about Ethics in the Psalter, focusing on justice advocacy (the theme of my dissertation research). I will also be participating in the Oxford Interfaith Forum: Reading the Psalms in Interfaith Contexts. Watch for more on the Psalms, Justice, and a smattering of reviews about fiction I am currently reading.

Feel free to browse my blogs on various topics and weigh in the discussion whenever you are inspired. Please consider submitting your email address to receive occasional updates. Meanwhile, I wish you the best on your journey. Find a place of peace in this world.

  • Podcast: Theological Ethics of Sexbots
    Jump directly to Theological Ethics of Sexbots Podcast In an age of quick-paced technological developments, it’s no surprise we are seeing tv-series and films address ethical issues surrounding human interaction with robots. Even though Artificial Intelligence (AI) still has a ways to go before a synthetic being may be able to interact fully and free among humans, sci-fi is already putting scenarios to the public, challenging social views on ethical morality. Nearly every sci-fi projection of human interaction with artificial intelligence deals with sexuality on some level. Questions about how humans will interact sexually with robots are inescapable and often…