Measured Diversity as a Goal

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While working on an essay about diversity, equity, and inclusion, I stumbled across this Ted Talk presentation by Janet Stovall, Sr. Director of Social Impact at UPS Foundation, is an

The Great Deluge & Other Flood Narratives

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As a sequel to the interview on Creation Narratives, Dr. LePort invited me to respond to a series of questions about ancient Near Eastern flood narratives. You can view the
Raffaello Painting

The Magdalene Myth & Purity Culture

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This is a summary of a paper presentation that was originally made as a contribution to a short series hosted by the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence,

Sitting in on a Symposium at “Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence”

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One of the delightful consequences of CVOID-19 lockdowns is the pressure for academic gatherings to extend invitations for online attendance. This week, I signed on at midday local time to